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Precise indoor location

Streamline panic responses
and protect your people

Take emergency management one step further and integrate TLK 25 with Location Tech to gain precise indoor location capabilities. When a user presses the device’s emergency button, Location Tech will automatically share their exact location with selected personnel.

Features of the Location Tech integration

Precise indoor location
Identify the location of an emergency with room-level location tracking.

Mass notification
Quickly notify all users of emergencies with SMS and email alerts.

Optional mapping
View maps of your site and plan emergency workflows.

Streamline panic responses

Employee encounters an emergency situation and triggers their emergency button.

Device scans for nearby Bluetooth beacons and sends location information back to the identification server.

Notify and report
Mass notification is sent via SMS and email. The dashboard map highlights the room or location where the alert is coming from.

Protect your people

Identify specific classrooms during incidents with students or external threats to expedite emergency workflows.

Track specific patients and operating rooms for medical emergencies or identify stairwells and closets for employees in danger.

Use precise indoor location in hotel rooms to enable panic workflows for isolated roles like housekeeping and maintenance.

Locate the department, aisle or fitting room where an emergency has been declared.

Precise indoor location solution components

  1. Bluetooth beacons
  2. APK on TLK 25 
  3. Location Tech application

Bluetooth beacons
Installed on premise

  • Small hardware devices that transmit packets in accordance with the BT standard
  • Transmitted packets are = “beacons” with multiple beacon formats
    • “Beacon” is one such format and is the one used by location tech
  • The iBeacon contains a set of values that uniquely identify the beacon value
  • BT beacons are transmit-only devices  

APK on TLK 25 
Preloaded on devices

  • Android APK developed by Location Tech
  • Directs the scanning and reporting of Bluetooth beacons

Location Tech application

AWS cloud service

  • Serves as the web portal for the end user
    • Dedicated login credentials for each customer
  • Utilizes a database for each deployment
    • Includes radios, beacons, notification users (i.e. supervisors) and building/floor maps
  • Powered by a unique, proprietary location logarithm
  • Notification engine for emergency events
    • Web pushes, SMS, Email and/or phone call 

Using Location Tech precise indoor location technology, hitting the emergency button on the TLK 25 can provide mapped location of initiator, including vertical location.

  • 1 beacon per typical room
  • Software provides text, call and email alerts that are configurable by administrator to as many users as desired
  • Email and text alerts provide hyperlink with indoor map / alert area


  • TLK 25 Safeguard subscriptions only
  • Currently only available in emergency workflows


  • Successfully deploy TLK 25 and enable Location Tech remotely

Compatibility with the WAVE PTX One Portal
Side by side set up process with the portal and app

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