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Mobile Two-Way Radio with Nationwide PTT

TLK 150

The TLK 150 is a broadband PTT mobile radio solution that can be quickly deployed in your vehicle fleet.

Nationwide Push-to-Talk

What is WAVE PTX?

WAVE PTX is a PTT app that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations.

AI-Backed Command Intelligence

Virtual Assistant Button

Powered by natural language processing, the TLK 25’s Intuitive Voice Assistant understands varying verbiage and accents.

Handheld Two-Way Radio with Nationwide PTT

TLK 110

Confidently communicate with clarity. The TLK 110 eliminates background noise in loud and busy environments.

Wave  radios and devices


Connect your team

WAVE PTX™ is a push-to-talk (PTT) subscription service app from Motorola Solutions that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations. It eliminates the barriers between devices, networks, and locations to let everyone be part of the conversation.

Let’s TLK

Keep your team connected with TLK 25, a wearable WAVE
PTX device that expands beyond push-to-talk capabilities.
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Safety & Security Ecosystem

WAVE PTX is part of the Motorola Solutions safety and security ecosystem that supports
the four operational phases of managing everyday events or emergency incidents.



Know what’s



Coordinate and
manage effectively

WAVE™PTX Solutions Portfolio

Push-to-talk (PTT) options that work the way you do

WAVE™ PTX Mobile App

Turn your phone into a PTT handset

PTT Communications

PTT Communications

Fast, secure, and reliable nationwide PTT voice communication at the touch of a button.

WAVE PTX Mobile App
Streaming Video

Streaming Video

An optional feature that allows users to share real-time video at the push of a button.

Wave PTX Dispatch

WAVE™ PTX Dispatch

Centralized communications anywhere

WAVE PTX Dispatch lives in the cloud, not on your PC. It has all the tools you need to manage your resources and coordinate an effective operation including voice, multimedia data, and location and mapping.

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