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Voice Communication Across Networks

Your MOTOTRBO™ DMR radio system is designed for excellent coverage, but there are times when you need to go beyond the boundaries of the network, without losing your vital connection.

Seamless Voice Handover maintains your voice communications by automatically switching to broadband when your radio signal fades, then back again when you return to coverage on your MOTOTRBO Ion radios.

The handover requires no user intervention. Ion will intelligently switch between DMR and broadband depending on user preferences and signal strength, maintaining functionality and voice quality. Authentication, status, talkgroups, and encryption are all preserved, without interruptions or resets. Handover received signal strength indicator threshold can be configured through RadioCentral™, but DMR is always prioritized. Talkgroups are configured individually to enable or disable Seamless Voice Handover. The system can support up to a maximum of 200 simultaneous calls.


  • Capacity Max or Capacity Plus (single or multi-site) DMR infrastructure.
  • WAVE PTX Radio Gateway (WRG).
  • RadioCentral (RC) or Radio Management (RM).
  • ESU Launchpad.
  • Ion WAVE PTX SafeGuard License.


  • Radio users can stay connected to the radio network even when they are outside radio coverage.
  • No special behavior or commands are required: Handover is automatic.
  • Automatically mitigate dead zones on- and off-site.
  • Consistent voice quality and loudness between networks.

Seamless Voice Handover is a subscription service per device. Please speak with your authorized Motorola Solutions representative to learn about payment options.

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