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WAVE PTX™ Push-to-talk products and services that work the way you do Connect your team with greater speed and efficiency over cellular service with push-to-talk products that have no boundaries.

2 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com 03 About us 04 WAVE PTX overview 06 Nationwide push-to-talk 08 WAVE PTX mobile app 10 WAVE PTX dispatch 12 TLK devices and radios 18 LMR radios 21 LTE devices Contents 24 Accessories 28 Service plans 33 Add-on features 39 Safety & Security Ecosystem 46 Ecosystem connections 52 Industry insights 61 FAQs Watch now Connect your team WAVE PTX™ is a push-to-talk (PTT) subscription service app from Motorola Solutions that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations. It eliminates the barriers between devices, networks, and locations to let everyone be part of the conversation. Broadband PTT devices Get the benefit of WAVE PTX with a wearable device and or rugged two-way radios on a nationwide network. WAVE PTX mobile app Turn your phone into a PTT handset and get instant communication at the touch of a button. WAVE PTX dispatch Login from any Internet connection and manage your mobile workforce from anywhere. Meet TLK 25, Motorola Solutions’ wearable WAVE PTX device

3 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com About us OUR HISTORY Louisiana Radio Communications was founded in 1947 with a staff of two. Now Louisiana Radio Communications employees over 70 trained and certified personnel! LRC wireless is based in Lake Charles Louisiana with offices in Lafayette and DeRidder Louisiana as well. With 3 locations strategically placed in Louisiana, LRC wireless has grown to be one of Motorola’s top providers not only in Louisiana but in the United States! For over 75 years LRC Wireless has been handling applications of wireless communications including sales service and warranty services , two-way radio systems, design and construction of wireless computer networks, antenna systems, tower sales service and erection, fiber optics voice and data installation LRC wireless prides itself on 75 years of top rate service. In fact, LRC wireless challenges anyone in America to beat their service! Louisiana Radio Communications is the premier system integrator of wireless communication systems and services for Motorola Communication Equipment. Our team of sales, service, engineering, and operations are among the most qualified and best trained in the wireless industry. Our value lies in our ability to offer you the most complete array of services available: • Local Support • Value Analysis • Program Management • System Integration • Coverage Studies • Support Center • Financial Services We provide reliable, dependable portable and mobile radios with the most advanced technology available. Motorola two-way radios enable you to function in a safe and efficient manner, and provide you with increased productivity and flexibility.

WAVE PTX™ overview

5 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com WAVE PTX overview What is WAVE PTX? Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX™ is a network-independent broadband Push-to-Talk (PTT) subscription service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations at the push of a button. Instant communication Get the speed and simplicity of professional radio PTT communication with the ability to share details via text, photo, video or file attachment. Nationwide service Connect your professional radio system to WAVE PTX and reach more team members over a wider service area. Predictable costs Manage your cash flow with low-cost per-user subscriptions, no capital expenses and no long-term commitments.

Nationwide communications

7 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Explore how the WAVE™ PTX connects your enterprise across the country. Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of push-to-talk (PTT), WAVE PTX devices, two-way radios, WAVE PTX App, and WAVE PTX Dispatch get your team connected fast. Accelerate the flow of information within your organization and increase productivity with secure, affordable TLK radios with nationwide push-to-talk. Rapid, reliable deployment. Use nationwide. Nationwide devices and radios with rapid, reliable deployment Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of push-to-talk (PTT), WAVE devices and two-way radios and devices get your team connected fast. Instant connection across any device, from any location We live in an always-on, instant-connection world where an answer is just a text or call away. Many workers still need a purpose-built device that includes the communication tools they require while eliminating everything they don’t. They need instant voice communication — whether that’s within a building, on the road, or across the country — without complex interfaces and the distractions of other devices. With the WAVE devices, radios, MOTOTRBO™ Ion, and the EVOLVE LTE, your employees can stay connected anywhere in the world. At the single push of a button, they have direct access to colleagues with crisp, clear audio, regardless of the device or network they use. All without the need to build and maintain radio infrastructure. WAVE PTX, TLK Series radios, and the EVOLVE LTE handheld are an integrated communications solution that allows all workers to connect at the pace of today’s business expectations – across any device, from any location, instantly. Nationwide push-to-talk

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9 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Turn your phone into a PTT handset and get instant communication at the touch of a button WAVE PTX mobile app “Bring your own device” PTT services. With a customer-provided user device, the WAVE PTX™ app provides carrier-independent broadband PTT service and an extensive set of business-critical PTT-based features to keep mission-essential users informed and connected. Single app. Two modes. Multiple functions. Get all your group communication needs in one easy-to-use app for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Multimedia messaging Increase the speed and clarity of information via text, photo, video, or file attachment. Location and mapping Track your team on a map, share your location, find an address, or set a meeting place. Instantly connect with a group or individual, send a one-way message to up to 500 users, group and private PTT, multimedia communication, text a message, send a photo, share a video, location sharing and mapping, view talkgroup members on a map. Select one of two client modes: PTT Radio to emulate the experience of a conventional two-way radio, or Standard Mode, which offers full client functionality. Key features • Group and private PTT calls • Real-time presence • Do not disturb • Priority talkgroup scan • Background calling • Voice message fallback • Text messaging • Video, photo, and file sharing • Location, mapping, and tracking • Geofencing Get more done faster with WAVE PTX™ When it comes to speed, nothing is faster than push-to-talk, and there’s no faster way to get started than with a WAVE PTX cloudbased subscription. Your team can be up and running in less than an hour and you get predictable costs without long-term commitments.

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11 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com WAVE PTX dispatch Centralize communication anywhere Simplify day-to-day operations with WAVE PTX Dispatch. Log in from any internet connection and get access to all the communication tools you need to manage your resources and coordinate an effective operation. Regardless of location, with WAVE PTX Dispatch you’re just a click away. Web-based dispatching Log-in from any PC and get the latest features with no software to install or maintain. Multimedia communication Share details with an individual or your entire team via text, photo, and video or file attachment. Location and mapping Track your mobile teams on a map and efficiently dispatch based on real-time location. WAVE PTX™ dispatch capabilities ensure that from any internetenabled location, dispatchers can effectively manage day-to-day operations, with easy access to talkgroup scanning, multimedia communication, and location mapping and tracking. WAVE Dispatch also allows for call recording and call log tracking to improve situational awareness. Share the details When the details are important, ensure your team has all the information it needs. With integrated messaging you can send text, photos, video, and files to groups and individuals in a familiar message thread format. See the location of your team, search for an address or point of interest, and improve coordination and planning. Locate and see users on a map, electable map views, automatic and on-demand location updates, set-up geofencing, find an address or point of interest, location history and replay, and inmap communication. Set up operations anywhere Voice Dispatching • Monitor up to 20 talkgroups. • One-to-one, group and broadcast PTT • Presence (Available, Do Not Disturb, Offline) • Talkgroup scanning with priority • Voice message fall back • Call logging and recording • Supervisory override • Alerts Integrated Messaging • Exchange multimedia information. • Text • Photos (GIF, JPEG, PNG) • Videos (MPEG-4) • Audio files (AAC, MP3) • Documents (PDF) • Location data Location and Mapping • Locate and see members on a map. • Selectable map views • Automatic and on-demand location updates • Find an address or point of interest • Location history and replay • In-map communication • Geofencing

TLK devices and radios

13 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com TLK devices and radios TLK 25 WAVE wearable device Keep your team connected with the TLK 25, a wearable WAVE PTX device that expands beyond push-to-talk capabilities. TLK 110 WAVE two-way radio With its effortless device management capabilities, the TLK 110 can be optimized for seamless operations, leaving your business safer, smarter, and better connected. TLK 100 WAVE two-way radio Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network* with the ease of two-way radio communications, the WAVE TLK 100 gets your team connected fast. TLK 150 WAVE two-way radio Safely operate while driving via one push-to-talk button. Increase coverage, connections, and productivity without expanding infrastructure.

14 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com TLK 25 TLK 25 wearable device Communicate and operate confidently with the TLK 25, a wearable WAVE PTX device that expands your capabilities beyond push-to-talk and doesn’t limit communication to one site. Compact, rugged, and equipped with an intuitive voice assistant for seamless communications, the TLK 25 is designed for ease of use, efficiency and safety. Access communications, management and safety ecosystem in a small, intelligent device. Nationwide LTE + Wi-Fi TLK 25 can connect to your existing personal or enterprise Wi-Fi networks or nationwide LTE network. A Wi-Fi only device is also available. Key features • Shaped for safety • Lightweight, Wearable Design • Voice-Assisted Operations In client-facing roles, delivering high-quality, seamless guest experiences relies on invisible operations. With large radios or smartphones, employees may struggle to discreetly operate their devices. Compact, lightweight and powerful, the TLK 25 eliminates the burdens of bulky devices. Turn your TLK 25 into a panic button with its emergency button. Automatically detect incidents with lone worker and fall alert. Quickly source emergencies with precise indoor location tracking. Watch now

15 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com TLK 110 TLK 110 handheld two-way radio The TLK 110 combines the flexibility of push-to-talk communication via broadband with the reliability of a rugged (IP67 rating), purpose-built radio. With its effortless device management capabilities, the TLK 110 can be optimized for seamless operations, leaving your business safer, smarter, and better connected. With the TLK 110 and WAVE PTX™, push-to-talk communication takes place over a reliable, nationwide network, so important information can be delivered to work partners instantly. And in instances where connection may be limited, such as in a warehouse or underground, the TLK 110 can place calls over your pre-existing 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks, providing reliability and flexibility, no matter the environment. Key features • Dedicated emergency button • 2-line monochrome display • 8-hour battery life Communicate freely with VOX PTT, an option for hands-free communication- valuable when hands are full, or a radio is hard to access. And the TLK 110’s VOX functionality is only triggered by voice, so you can easily use it in noisy environments. The TLK 110 also works with Bluetooth earpieces, so if your radio is out of reach, you can still hear what is happening and communicate with your teams. With the TLK 110, you can confidently communicate with clarity. TLK 110 uses AI backed noise suppression to eliminate background noise in loud or busy environments such as construction sites, warehouses or even on the road. Watch now

16 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Watch now TLK 100 TLK 100 handheld two-way radio Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications, the TLK 100 Two-Way Radio gets your team connected fast. Keep employees connected and accountable with crisp, clear audio, location tracking, and Wi-Fi. Increase efficiency with single-button operations and long battery life. Key features • Easy to use and manage • Built for the job • Nationwide push-to-talk Keep employees connected and accountable with crisp, clear audio, location tracking, and Wi-Fi. Increase efficiency with single-button operations and long battery life. And improve focus without a distracting screen to get in the way. One button, multiple teams Collaborate at the speed of business with push-to-talk. Contact multiple teams simultaneously, and securely communicate with just one button. Forget building out or maintaining a costly radio infrastructure. Get your team up and running quickly by deploying nationwide push-to-talk in less than 24 hours. You can even use the TLK 100 two-way radio with your current compatible two-way radio systems and smartphones. There’s no costly or time-consuming FCC or spectrum licensing, or manual programming required.

17 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com TLK 150 mobile two-way radio TLK 150 is a powerful and flexible work group communication tool for secure PTT on the go in a rugged mobile form factor. Simply deploy to your vehicle fleet to increase coverage, connections and productivity without expanding your infrastructure - no costly, time-consuming spectrum licensing or manual programming required. TLK 150 also integrates with WAVE PTX-enabled smartphones, tablets, PCs and other radios. Key features • Nationwide push-to-talk • Complies FMCSA regulations • High-quality audio Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communication, the TLK 150 enables your team to connect instantly. By connecting to your current existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems and smartphones, the radio extends push-to-talk benefits to all your team members for invehicle operation, whether they’re on the road to a different job site, location, or across the country. More reliable, more efficient, and easier to use than a smartphone, the TLK 150 gives you everything you appreciate about two-way radio – and more. Purpose-built for organizations and fleets where in-vehicle communication is paramount, TLK 150 radios combine power with simplicity – providing instant information without distraction. One button push-to-talk, or Bluetooth®-capable accessories make it easy to connect and are compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, so you know your employees are safe and undistracted. You can even use the TLK 150 with your current compatible MOTOTRBO systems, LMR, and smartphones. There’s no costly or time-consuming FCC or spectrum licensing, or manual programming required. TLK 150

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19 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com MOTOTRBO Ion MOTOTRBO Ion handheld smart radio Your business runs on voice and data. But if your devices can only access one, you’re not running at your best. The rugged MOTOTRBO™ Ion smart radio is the first business-ready communication device with all-on voice and broadband data capabilities. Key features • Android platform • Open app ecosystem • Full multimedia capabilities MOTOTRBO Ion brings together renowned PTT performance, an open app ecosystem on the Android platform, and access to the Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem — including video security and analytics, and best-in-class network security. With Ion, teams stay connected across networks and devices. Business-critical data and workflows are unified and simplified. And the capabilities your workforce needs to be at their best are always on. Full multimedia capabilities on an Android platform with an open app ecosystem. An intuitive touchscreen lets you view high resolution images, and an integrated camera lets you send — even stream — photos and videos. Connectivity is on Built to keep your workforce connected anywhere you do business. You can seamlessly communicate through voice and data, over public and private networks. And our Seamless Voice Handover feature automatically switches you to broadband when you roam beyond your smart radio system coverage, so your connectivity is always on when you need it. Watch now

20 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com MOTOTRBO Ion MOTOTRBO Ion broadband-LMR integration 1 Dependant on the WAVE PTX Radio Gateway hardware setup. 2 Capacity Max or Capacity Plus (single or multi-site). Use cases Nationwide coverage When users need to roam between sites, for example, a maintenance technician driving between two manufacturing plants, or hotel staff traveling between properties, Seamless Voice Handover allows them to connect back to their home network. Dead spot migration While MOTOTRBO systems are designed to provide the best coverage possible, there is always a possibility of a “dead spot” for instance deep inside large buildings, including factories, schools and hospitals. With Seamless Voice Handover, users can leverage broadband to maintain coverage when roaming inside larger buildings, or new buildings where radio infrastructure has not been implemented, but Wi-Fi or LTE coverage exists. Wi-Fi / mobile network Provisioning tools RadioCentral & WAVE PTX Admin WAVE PTX WAVE PTX Radio Gateway Dispatcher Converged talkgroup LMR only talkgroup Broadband only talkgroup MOTOTRBO network2 Ion smart radio MOTOTRBO radio Smart device

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22 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Evolve Watch now EVOLVE rugged LTE handheld Evolve is a ruggedized device for those who are hard at work. Built to withstand tough working conditions and to last multiple shifts, you can get the job done safely anywhere you do business. Evolve combines the data capabilities of Android with the ruggedness and reliability of a business-critical push-to-talk device in an LTE- and CBRS-compatible handheld built for business. With loud and clear audio, plus multimedia support, Evolve enables communications across different locations and systems. Key features • Resilient and rugged • Intuitive user experience • Seamless connectivity For those needing a business-ready data device truly adaptable for your network needs today and tomorrow, and require frequent, rich, instant communication, the Evolve LTE handheld combines the capabilities of an Android device with the ruggedness and reliability of a business-critical push-to-talk device, using 3G/4G networks, CBRS private LTE and Wi-Fi. Made for the mission ahead It can be used in tough, unforgiving environments – Evolve meets MILSTD-810 for drop and shock testing and is IP68 rated for protection against dust and water, so will keep working even after being submerged in water for up to two hours at a depth of two meters. Intrinsically safe Evolve model For those who work in conditions where there may be explosive gas or dust we offer the Evolve-i intrinsically safe model. Barcode scanning Partnering with Scandit™, Motorola Solutions built support for their trusted scanning capabilities into the Evolve smart handheld.

23 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Evolve Seamless connectivity Equipped with future-proofed data and voice connectivity, and access to an expanding technology and software ecosystem, Evolve is ready to grow alongside your organization. Broadband data As your organization’s data needs and network capabilities expand, Evolve is ready for your transition to nextgeneration networks as it has support for dual SIM cards and is compatible with 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and CBRS2. Users can also create a local Wi-Fi hotspot with Evolve for Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as a tablet. This enables devices tethered to Evolve’s Wi-Fi Access Point to send and receive information over LTE. Intuitive PTT voice communication Give your team quick, easy, instant communications that lets them keep their eyes on their work. With its dedicated push-to-talk button, Evolve delivers the intuitive voice communications your team relies on. With WAVE PTX, our broadband PTT service, Evolve can provide seamless push-to-talk communications between users across different devices, networks and locations. Motorola Solutions Safety & Security Ecosystem Connect into safety and security with Motorola Solutions’ growing technology and software solution set, including video security and analytics, location services, and productivity and incident management software. Thanks to its processing power, large display and rich data connectivity, your Evolve device will have you poised to deploy advanced technology as your needs grow, while its rugged design and outstanding voice capabilities ensure that you never compromise your most critical communications. WAVE PTX WAVE PTX is a subscription-based group communication service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations. Smart Device with WAVE PTX TLK Series Portable Mobile Evolve CARRIER PRIVATE WIRELESS BROADBAND LMR ASTRO® OR MOTOTRBO™ WAVE PTX Secure sharing of voice, data and video across network technologies

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25 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Accessories • Antennas • Audio Accessories • Batteries, Chargers and Cables • Cables and Accessories • Carry Accessories • External speakers • Installation, cables, and mounting • Microphones • Mounting accessories • Push-to-talk solutions Motorola original accessories Let’s TLK accessories Motorola Solutions accessories are designed for lasting comfort and improved device performance. Featuring PTT and voice assistant buttons, the TLK 25s compatible earpiece allows users to carry out key functions without needing to even touch their devices. Wear the TLK 25 the way you want. With its specialized accessories and compact form factor, users can carry their TLK 25’s to their preference and with ease. Risk-taking has its place in the business world, but not with your vital communication needs. A mismatched battery, a flimsy headset, or an ill-fitting carry case are just some of the ways your WAVE PTX™/TLK device or radio may not be ready at the moment you have to use it. That’s why Motorola Original accessories are your only option for making the most of your WAVE PTX™/TLK device or radio’s capabilities. Every Motorola accessory is designed, built, and rigorously tested to the same quality standards as Motorola Solutions’ devices radios. Enhance your device and two-way radio capabilities with high-performance Motorola Original® accessories to ensure your radio is ready to do its job time after time – helping to increase your productivity. The power of your TLK devices and radios unleashed Motorola Solutions TLK Series devices and radios offers the best technology when you need instantaneous, secure and controllable communications. Using the right accessories with the radio can add real value for you by providing a complete, customized solution that is safer and easier to use with improved system performance. Motorola Solutions offers a vast range of accessories for the TLK Series devices and two-way radios:

26 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Accessories CARRY ACCESSORIES Our versatile portfolio includes a swivel carry holster (ships in-box with radio), a flexible hand strap and a rotating heavy-duty belt clip. PMLN6074 Nylon Wrist Strap PMLN7128 TLK 100 Heavy-Duty Swivel Belt Clip PMLN7932 TLK 100 Carry Holster with Swivel Belt Clip AUDIO ACCESSORIES WAVE two-way radio audio accessories are designed for lasting comfort and improved device performance. In-line microphones and prominent push-to-talk features provide easy hands-free communication. PMLN7189 TLK 100 Swivel Earpiece with In-Line Microphone and Push-To-Talk PMLN7156 TLK 100 Mag One Earbud with In-Line Microphone and Push-To-Talk PMLN7157 TLK 100 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Translucent Tube, Black PMLN7158 1-Wire Surveillance Kit with In-Line Microphone and Push-To-Talk, Black PMLN7159 Adjustable D-Style Earpiece with In-Line Microphone and Push-To-Talk, Black RLN6242 Low Noise Kit with Translucent Tube and 1 Clear Rubber Eartip 5080384F72 Replacement Foam Plugs for RLN6242. Noise Reduction = 24dB. Pack of 50 pairs. RLN6282 Replacement Standard Clear Rubber Eartip for RLN6242. Pack of 50. BATTERIES, CHARGERS AND CABLES Keep your radios functioning at all times with these essentials. Charge your Lithium-Ion batteries in single or multi-unit charging docks. PMNN4468 TLK 100 Lithium-Ion 2300 mAh Battery HKLN4678 TLK 110 Battery Cover PS000150A11 TLK 100 Micro USB Wall Charger, 5W 100V-240V (US Plug) PMLN7101 TLK 100 Six-Pocket Multi-Unit Rapid Rate Charger, 90V-264V (US plug) PMLN7109 TLK 100 Single-Unit Rapid Rate Charger 5V/1A, 5W, 100V-240V (US plug) CB000262A01 TLK 100 Micro USB Programming Cable ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES Compatible accessories not sold by Motorola Solutions. AT6749A Hands-Free (Complete Car Kit) AT6750A Hands-Free with Lock (Complete Car Kit) AT3069A Advance Communicator AT6088A TLK 100: 12 Bay Battery Charger HKLN4690 TLK 110 Battery Cover ANTENNAS Outfit your WAVE two-way radio with a high-efficiency stubby antenna. Colored antenna ID bands are available for easy customization. HKAN4002 TLK 100 Stubby Antenna - US 32012144001 Gray Antenna ID Band (pack of 10) 32012144002 Yellow Antenna ID Band (pack of 10) 32012144003 Green Antenna ID Band (pack of 10) 32012144004 Blue Antenna ID Band (pack of 10) 32012144005 Purple Antenna ID Band (pack of 10) PMLN8439 TLK 110 Swivel Carry Holster PMNN4578 TLK 110 Lithium-Ion 2500 mAh Battery PS000150A31 TLK 110 USB-A Wall Charger, 5V/1.5A, 240VAC (US/Japan Plug) AT6751A Mobile Radio Charger Kit HKAN4005 TLK 110 Stubby Antenna PMLN8190 TLK 100 1-Wire Clear Tube Earpiece, 2.5mm Straight Single Pin for WP300 Bluetooth Control Pod PMLN8125 Single Pin Short Cord Earpiece for WP300 Bluetooth Control Pod PMLN8077 Single Pin Over-the-Ear Earpiece for WP300 Bluetooth Control Pod PMLN8298 WP300 Wireless Bluetooth Control Pod with PTT Button PMLN8538 TLK 100 Carry Holster with Swivel Belt Clip PMLN8536 TLK 25 Holster PMKN4294 TLK 25 Holster USB-C Charging Cable PMLN8537 TLK 25 Earpiece WAVE TLK 25, 100, & 110 radio accessories

27 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Accessories PUSH-TO-TALK SOLUTIONS Make communicating easier and safer with these optional accessories from a simple PTT microphone to a complete hands-free solution. PMMN4129 Wideband Compact Mobile Microphone GMMN4065 Visor Microphone RLN4856 Remote Mount Footswitch Push-to-Talk RLN4857 Remote Mount Pushbutton Push-to-Talk PMMN4127 Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic (WM500) RLN4836 Emergency Footswitch MOUNTING ACCESSORIES Choose where to mount the radio without compromising safety. Extend the value of your previous purchases by using XPR 2500 mounting kits RLN6466 Low Profile Trunnion Kit RLN6467 High Profile Trunnion Kit RLN6468 Key Lock Trunnion Mount FTN6083 In-Dash Mounting Kit - DIN EXTERNAL SPEAKER Boost audio at your workstation or in your vehicle. AC000240A01 Wideband External Speaker, 16 W ANTENNAS AN000359A01 GNSS Dash Mount Antenna AN000358A01 LTE Antenna CABLES AND ACCESSORIES HKN4137 Mobile Power Cable 10 FT, 14 AWG, 15A PMLN8153 PS Adaptor and Cable HKN9327 Ignition Sense Cable HLN9457 GMMN4065 PMMN4129 RLN4856 RLN4857 RLN4836 RLN6468 RLN6466 FTN6083 RLN6467 PMMN4127 AC000240A01 TLK 150 MOBILE TWO-WAY RADIO ACCESSORIES DATA SHEET | TLK 150 MOBILE TWO-WAY RADIO 16 Pin MAP Connector Kit TLK 150 mobile two-way radio accessories

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29 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com SafeGuard package WAVE™PTX SafeGuard package Add the SafeGuard package to your existing WAVE PTX device, radio, or mobile & dispatch applications to gain MCPTT features that help enhance user safety, improve situational awareness and increase operational efficiency. Below are just a few of the most popluar features. Emergency calling and alerting With the push of a button, users can initiate an emergency call to reach the right resource for assistance. MOTOTRBO interoperability Lets you connect MOTOTRBO pushto-talk radio users quickly and easily with WAVE PTX users. Large talkgroups Get up to 3000 Talkgroups with the WAVE PTX SafeGuard package.. Dynamic location-based talkgroups Adds/removes members from a talkgroup as they enter or leave a defined geographic area. Worker safety (lone worker, person down) This feature does not require users to press buttons or place calls during an emergency. Discreet listening Permits dispatchers and supervisors to monitor PTT calls between a targeted user and other callers.

30 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Service plans TLK 25 wearable device Wearable PTT radio with advanced safety-focused features available in two models: LTE + WiFi, and WiFi only WAVE PTX service plans PTT Solutions that work the way you do Contract type One-time payment Hard WiFi & LTE WiFi Only TLK 100 handheld two-way radio Get the benefits of WAVE PTX with a rugged handheld two-way radio on a nationwide network TLK 110 handheld two-way radio Purpose-built PTT-only device with advanced features and premium audio quality TLK 150 mobile two-way radio Get the benefits of WAVE PTX with a mobile two-way radio for in-vehicle mounting on a nationwide network WAVE PTX mobile app Turn your Android or iOS phone or tablets into a PTT handset and get instant communication and more at the touch of a button WAVE PTX dispatch Log-in from any internet connection and manage your mobile workforce from anywhere 30-month contract Month-to-month 30-month contract Month-to-month 30-month contract Month-to-month 30-month contract Month-to-month 30-month contract Month-to-month Month-to-month Month-to-month n/a (BYOD) n/a (BYOD) $449 $149 $400 $0 $0 $350 $0 $260 $0 $350

31 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Service plans Interop Options Monthly dware WAVE PTX Package Options Video streaming Add-on Base package SafeGuard package LMR interop n/a (BYOD) n/a (BYOD) $0/month $10/month* *for 30 months $0/month $12/month* *for 30 months $11/month* *for 30 months $0/month $8/month* *for 30 months $0/month $10/month* *for 30 months $0/month $12/month includes nationwide data plan $8/month $25/month includes nationwide data plan $28/month includes nationwide data plan $25/month includes nationwide data plan $8/month • Any wireless carrier • Multimedia • Background mode • Alerting $32/month • Mapping and location history • Geofencing • Multimedia • Talkgroup scanning • Call logging and recording $16/month includes nationwide data plan $12/month $30/month includes nationwide data plan $33/month includes nationwide data plan $30/month includes nationwide data plan Includes: group and private PTT calls, real-time presence, do not disturb, priority talkgroup scan, PTT lock/unlock, background calling, and voice message fallback Adds: emergency calling and alerting, Emergency source identification, MOTOTRBO interoperability, large talkgroups, dynamic location-based talkgroups, discreet listening, ambient listening, remote user check, remote talkgroup enable/disable, worker safety (lone worker, person down), and orchestrate integration $13/month $70/month $70/month $130/month LMR interop add-on Required for below services +$3/month Not required with SafeGuard package Add-on not available for TLK 25s Single-tenant gateway one-time cost Includes gateway hardware and self-service installation • One customer per gateway • Up to 10 talkpaths and 50 talkgroups $850 Multi-tenant gateway one-time cost We provide the hardware and MSI provides system integration • Multiple customers per gateway Tier 1 Up to 10 talkpaths and 50 talkgroups $2,000 Tier 2 Up to 50 talkpaths and 100 talkgroups $3,500 Tier 3 Up to 200 talkpaths and 200 talkgroups $7,500 RoIP We provide the hardware and MSI provides system integration $500 Prices and rates are subject to change without notice.

32 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com SafeGuard package Base package or Safeguard package: which is right for your needs? WAVE PTX package tier comparison Add the SafeGuard package for advanced emergency calling, remote monitoring, and locationbased communications needed to keep workers connected, informed and safe. Group and private PTT calls Groups under 250 users Real-time presence Do not disturb (standard mode only) Priority talkgroup scanning PTT lock/unlock Broadcast calls Background calling Voice message fallback Geolocation (report only) Instant personal alert (IPA) (1) Emergency calling and alerting Emergency source identification MOTOTRBO and RoIP interoperability (2) Large talkgroups (250 to 3000 users) (3) Dynamic location-based talkgroups Discreet listening Ambient listening (4) Remote user check Remote talkgroup enable/disable Worker safety (lone worker, person down) (5) Orchestrate integration Features Base package SafeGuard package r r r r r r r r r r r a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a (1) Instant Personal alerts cannot be initiated from TLK devices, can only initiate from the mobile app. TLK’s can receive the alerts. (2) MOTOTRBO Interoperability with Base Package is supported using the LMR Interop Add-On only for TLK100, 110 and 150, Dispatch and Mobile apps. TLK25 interop is only supported on the SafeGuard package. “ (3) Large Talkgroups have a large capacity impact, as such Motorola Solutions provides 3 large talkgroups for 3000 users by default on SafeGuard Package. If more are needed at lower numbers, please contact us with your request. (4) Ambient Listening support is device dependent - iOS devices do not allow ambient listening * Some of the features listed above are only supported on smartphone devices. Some are partially supported by TLK devices due to lack of a screen. Please refer to the TLK user guides for more details on specific features. (5) Available on TLK110 and TLK25 devices only

33 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Add-on features

34 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com WAVE PTX streaming video View events and activities as they happen An optional service, the Streaming Video feature allows WAVE PTX broadband PTT mobile users to push live H.264 video, with audio, from their device’s integrated camera(s), which results in faster, more accurate communication in the moments that matter. • Continuously stream live video to other users, dispatchers, or talkgroups • Simultaneously stream video and initiate/receive PTT calls • Request streaming video from other users (dispatchers only) Increases clarity and improves situational awareness By integrating streaming video in a single push-to-talk application, originators have a tool that brings the robustness of face-to -face communications to remote communication. Because recipients see what they are seeing, originators can combine video and voice in a single, instantaneous communications session to increase the speed and efficiency of their communication. The optional Streaming Video feature allows WAVE PTX broadband PTT mobile users to push live H.264 video, with audio, from their device’s integrated camera(s). The streaming video recipients can be any assigned contacts or groups that are capable of receiving video calls. Each video session can have just a single originator, and each participant can have only one active video call at a time. View events and activities as they happen How many times has someone said, “if they could only see what I see” when trying to convey verbally to another person what’s going on around them? That’s because using words to paint a mental image of what’s happening at that moment can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Whether someone is a shopping mall security guard watching a food fight grow, an HVAC technician experiencing problems with a new install procedure, or an EMT dealing with a critical patient, the ability to stream video in real time is the key to increasing the speed and clarity of their communications. Add-On Features

35 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Add-On Features WAVE PTX LMR interoperability Motorola Solutions offers LMR Interoperability that lets you to connect MOTOTRBO Push-To-Talk radio users quickly and easily with WAVE PTX users. Get ready to expand your team communication reach, connect seamlessly and quickly across LMR and Wave PTX users without hefty upfront infrastructure costs. Is your radio network holding you back from evolving your communication needs? Extend two-way radio to broadband. Unify communications across radio and broadband users. Eliminate communication barriers and get seamless talkgroup communication between radio and broadband PTT users by connecting WAVE PTX™ to your MOTOTRBO™ or other land mobile radio (LMR) network. When an incident happens, teams need to focus on the job at hand, not on their equipment. The Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem combines our products, automating operations to boost worker safety, effectiveness, and productivity. • Connect a Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system to WAVE PTX™, allowing calls between networks. • Connected to MOTOTRBO™ two-way radio networks. • Extend PTT communication outside the coverage of the radio system. • Expand communications to those who cannot or will not carry a two-way radio. • Increase flexibility and choice to select the best technology and device for each user. WAVE PTX SafeGuard package Add the SafeGuard package to your existing WAVE PTX mobile applications, dispatch applications, TLK devices and radios to gain MCPTT features and LMR Interoperability that help enhance user safety, improve situational awareness, increase operational efficiency, and connect MOTOTRBO and non-MOTOTRBO push-to-talk radio users quickly and easily with WAVE PTX users.

36 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Add-On Features ng an emergency is as application, or dedicated an emergency state. The and PTT calls from the iority. can manually push the dministrator can set up automatically held by time there is no user atic emergency calling, the ency alert. so originate emergency se of a life-threatening tate at any time, or an mergency state for them. and PTT users, Emergency riginated by P25 land sers. P25 users who are gency calls routed to as those originated on the ginated emergency calls o reach the right resource WAVE PTX Emergency Calling Quickly Communicate Immediate Danger A worker whose safety is threatened can press a hard or soft dedicated button to initiate an emergency call, with the highest priority, to reach the right resource for assistance. Authorized users and dispatchers can also originate emergency calls on behalf of specific users, participating in the call in case of a lifethreatening situation. Compliant with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) standard, Emergency Calling and Alerting from Motorola Solutions makes it possible for those in immediate danger to quickly communicate with the individuals or groups who can provide assistance. With the push of a button, users can declare an emergency to ensure that all broadband PTT communication is immediately routed, with the highest priority, to the designated individual or group. The result is enhanced worker safety, particularly for those working alone.

37 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Add-On Features WAVE PTX Wi-Fi Backup Stay connected over Wi-Fi even when out of radio coverage area Expand your MOTOTRBO digital radio system, or enable a new one, with a cost-effective option for overcoming radio signal barriers — such as in basements, older construction, or buildings in low-lying areas—that can prevent communication. Expand your MOTOTRBO digital radio system, or enable a new one, with a cost-effective option for overcoming radio signal barriers — such as in basements, older construction, or buildings in low-lying areas—that can prevent communication. Expand your MOTOTRBO digital radio system, or enable a new one, with a cost-effective option for overcoming radio signal barriers that can prevent communication. With the Wi-Fi Backup feature, powered by MSI’s WAVE group communications service, your team members can stay connected using your existing Wi-Fi network when their radio is out of its coverage range. WAVE PTX Wi-Fi Backup enables Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO radios to be programmed to switch between radio mode and WAVE PTX mode to connect to the internet via your WiFi network.

38 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Add-On Features TLK 25 Precise indoor location Streamline panic responses and protect your people Take emergency management one step further and integrate TLK 25 with Location Tech to gain precise indoor location capabilities. When a user presses the device’s emergency button, Location Tech will automatically share their exact location with selected personnel. Streamline panic responses Trigger Employee encounters an emergency situation and triggers their emergency button. Scan Device scans for nearby Bluetooth beacons and sends location information back to the identification server. Notify and report Mass notification is sent via SMS and email. The dashboard map highlights the room or location where the alert is coming from. Features of the location tech integration Precise indoor location Identify the location of an emergency with room-level location tracking. Mass notification Quickly notify all users of emergencies with SMS and email alerts. Optional mapping View maps of your site and plan emergency workflows.

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40 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Motorola Solutions’ technology ecosystem allows you to address everyday concerns as well as emerging situations through four pillars — Detect, Analyze, Communicate and Respond. We will explore how these pillars work together to address your security challenges through the example of an unwanted individual on your property. Managed and Supported Services Motorola Solutions Safety & Security Ecosystem Motorola Solutions builds MSI builds the best possible technologies across every part of the safety and security ecosystem to help protect people, property and places. It’s critical communications that perform in the harshest conditions and are proven to help people stay connected. It’s video security powered by responsiblybuilt AI that can focus attention when action is needed. And it’s command center technologies that enable the ability to unite voice, video and data in a single command center view, to make decision-making faster and more accurate. And these technologies are all bolstered with managed and support services, providing an ‘always-on’ rigor to keep technology secure, optimized and current. Motorola Solutions builds MSI connects public safety agencies and enterprises, enabling the collaboration that’s critical to connect those in need with those who can help. Because when people can work together, we’re solving for safer communities, safer schools, safer hospitals, safer businesses – safer everywhere. 2 Safety & Security Ecosystem

41 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Step 1: Detect Know what’s happening • Video security • AI-powered analytics • Access control Step 3: Communicate Connect and inform the right people • Panic buttons & mass notifications • Dispatch software • Radio and broadband-enabled devices Step 2: Analyze Gather insights quickly • AI-powered analytics • GPS real-time location • Command center software Step 4: Manage Coordinate and manage effectively • Body cameras • Video security & interoperable communications • Records and evidence management People are stronger united. Technology is no different. Motorola Solutions is connecting technologies and people in one ecosystem, enabling a new kind of safety. Motorola Solutions safety and security ecosystem supports the four operational phases of managing everyday events or emergency incidents: 3 Safety & Security Ecosystem

42 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com View across vast areas Specialized fixed cameras can see through dark nights and inclement weather providing visibility across vast areas, augmented by built-in self-learning analytics that can learn their surroundings to identify anomalies and enable better awareness and protection 24/7. Identify anomalies and threats AI-powered video analytics can detect banned individuals or license plates, brandished or concealed weapons, deliveries arriving on property or unusual activity like loitering or driving in the wrong direction, sending detailed information to alert staff and inform essential actions. Secure entry points Access control systems can secure entry points and automatically alert when doors are propped open or breached, complemented by video footage to see who’s on site and know what’s happening in real time or in the past. Know what’s happening View across vast areas, identify anomalies and threats, secure entry points Detect 4 Safety & Security Ecosystem

43 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Analyze Accelerate actions AI-powered analytics can filter video footage to highlight what’s important according to defined triggers or characteristics, helping to rapidly locate an individual, object or atypical activity in real-time and enabling the insights to anticipate what’s next, prevent an event or accelerate response. Locate resources GPS real-time location can show the closest resources on a map, including personnel and assets, helping to locate inventory, recognize hazardous situations or enable a safer and more efficient response to manage situations with greater confidence. See in a single view Command center software can aggregate various video feeds, including fixed, mobile and body cameras, offering multiple perspectives in a single view for better operational understanding and actionable perspective. Gather insights quickly Accelerate actions, locate resources, see in a single view 5 Safety & Security Ecosystem

44 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Broadcast panic alerts and mass notifications Panic buttons and mass notifications can send emergency and operational notifications via text, email and voice to critical stakeholders, including local law enforcement, other personnel and community members, immediately raising emergency alarms, enabling critical information sharing and accelerating response coordination - for both planned events or crisis scenarios. Centralize dispatch and media management Dispatch software from a single desktop application can streamline voice communications and share data such as live video and multimedia across multiple devices and networks, helping to ensure public safety agencies, enterprises and communities have the right information to take actions with greater focus, accuracy and speed. Communicate across teams and technologies Radio and broadband-enabled devices can share voice and multimedia across networks and devices, including radios, smartphones and laptops, enabling the interoperability and reach to keep disparate teams quickly and dynamically connected and informed. Connect and inform the right people Broadcast mass notifications, centralize dispatch and media management, communicate across teams and technologies Communicate 6 Safety & Security Ecosystem

45 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Protect personnel Body cameras can capture and share live video evidence and location, sharing first-hand perspective, offering an objective record of truth, deterring aggression and providing rich insights that can improve operational procedures, efficiency and safety for all. Inform incident response Video security can provide eyes-on-scene and interoperable communications can share incident data and enable voice connectivity, helping to ensure responders and command/operations centers are informed and maintain situational awareness en route, during and after an incident. Optimize records and evidence In-field reporting applications can collect and upload data such as images, audio and video files into a centralized record and evidence management system, enabling the ability to automatically tag, securely store and digitally share documents, reports and multimedia, to save time and double-handling while enhancing evidence completeness and accuracy. Coordinate and manage effectively Protect personnel, inform incident response, optimize records and evidence Manage 7 Safety & Security Ecosystem

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47 | 337-436-7573 | www.lrcwireless.com Ecosystem connections CommandCentral Aware Enterprise Map personnel and incidents in one complete operating picture WAVE PTX integration with CommandCentral Aware Enterprise adds data integration to voice interoperability to enhance operational awareness. From one map display, you can access location, presence, and other data, regardless of location or network for both MOTOTRBO and WAVE PTX devices. What is CommandCentral Aware Enterprise? CommandCentral Aware Enterprise aggregates and integrates streaming video, real-time alerts, advanced data analytics, personnel and device tracking, records information, and more into a single, intuitive interface. Aware Enterprise improves outcomes by helping streamline incident response with informed decision-making and documenting past incidents to prevent incidents from becoming tragedies. See MOTOTRBO and WAVE PTX device locations on single map From one map display, you can track the location and status of all personnel, regardless of location, network, or device. You can also set the reporting cadence and get alerts to emergencies. The net result is improved visibility into field operations and accelerated time to “x” – awareness, decision, and response. • Customize map views with GIS Datasets, Esri, Google, KML, AccuWeather, traffic, and indoor floor plans. • Set rules for map display and automate actions. Track device locations in real time, set reporting cadence, get alerts to emergencies. Customize display to show layers and/or responsibility, users by department or function. • View 90-day history of device locations, including breadcrumbed routes. • Draw geofences for alerts when devices enter or leave defined areas. Ensure that your teams see pertinent information of personnel equipped with MOTOTRBO radios and WAVE devices at any moment with customizable map data layers to prioritize information on the map. For example, view camera locations, CAD incidents, personnel status via GPS device location, and alerts from a single position — organized the way you work. Or incorporate other Esri-based map layers from your operations for enriched spatial orientation such as property boundaries, landmarks, buildings, and asset locations. Add streaming and stationary weather layers for enhanced visual awareness. These typically disparate sources of data can be viewed simultaneously on one map with an activity monitor, providing you with a complete operating picture of any incident.