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WAVE PTX Overview

WAVE PTX is a network-independent broadband push-to-talk (PTT) subscription service that instantly connects your team at the push of a button.

Mobile App

Turn your phone into a PTT handset and get instant communication at the touch of a button. The WAVE PTX app is one application with two modes, multimedia messaging, and location and mapping.


Log in from any internet connection and get access to all the communication tools you need: web-based dispatching, multimedia communication, and location and mapping.

Devices and Radios

Broadband PTT devices and wireless service. Get the benefit of WAVE PTX with wearble devices and rugged two-way radios on a nationwide network.

Service Plans

WAVE PTX offers a predictable, low-cost per user subscription fee and no long-term commitments that make it easy to manage your cash flow.

Add-On Features

Get the most out of WAVE PTX with add-on services such as: Streaming Video, LMR Interoperability, Emergency Calling, Wi-Fi Backup, and Precise Indoor Location.

Ecosystem Connections

MSI’s safety and security ecosystem unifies voice, video, and data. WAVE PTX offers several ecosystem connections such as: data integration, workflow automation, LTE devices, and LMR interoperability.

Motorola Solutions
Unified Ecosystem

WAVE PTX is part of Motorola Solutions’ safety and securirty technology ecosystem, so you can automate security functions with AI and analytics.

Motorola Solutions
LMR Radios

Motorola Solutions' MOTOTRBO two-way radio portfolio offers you a wide choice of devices, from simple voice-only models to feature-rich voice and data radios.

Motorola Solutions
LTE Devices

From voice communications to critical broadband data, MSI’s growing portfolio of broadband devices allows you to make use of this advanced mobile broadband technology.

Motorola Solutions
Original Accessories

Motorola Original accessories are your only option. Every accessory is designed, built, and rigorously tested to the same quality standards as its devices and radios.

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